Firstly, and importantly, managed IT services is the services delivered by a provider that includes IT support services, proactive monitoring of IT infrastructure, and any hardware associated with the business including laptops, desktops and servers. It also involves a monthly flat rate, which means it is fixed at a level of usable hours which are negotiated at the time to cover the individual needs of the business. Hourly rates can also be discussed as an option if the services required are more ad-hoc.

Now, your business needs managed IT services because there is a need to keep your IT system reliable and efficiently running. When you work with an IT support provider under IT contracts, your business will be able to realise savings, thus it will benefit you financially in the long run. Your outgoings, expenses are controlled and the return on Investment maximised.

Are you thinking of entering into IT support contracts with a managed IT support provider in Melbourne? You can stop looking now. Podium IT offers you their IT support service that is not only professional, but reliable, friendly and easy. Our specialisation is medical IT support. We have years of experience in supporting medical IT and these years have helped us to be able to keep things running well, painlessly and without any problems for our customers in the medical field. Podium It doesn’t stop there as we also provide extensive services to a wide range of industries, visit our website at for more details. We understand the kind of support that you require and that your network can become very complex, especially when you start adding transcription devices, x-ray machines, specialist imaging equipment and many others.

Our services extend to the further side of IT contracts as an IT support provider because we don’t stop finding new technologies, new ideas and examination of the efficiency of our staff, our brand and our products. We would like to make sure that the service that we offer is the best that you could find in the market.

Entering an IT support contract with Podium IT will help improve your security, as well as guarantee data protection. Your systems will be checked, redesigned if needed and new technologies will be implemented to make certain that you will be able to handle incoming patients with confidence because your IT systems are trust-worthy. We will make sure that you are able to protect the health records of your patients and some other personal and private information of value, which is important, because we are in a world where data breaches are very common.

Modern technology is making a thorough and dramatic change in the world of business. It’s doing it quickly, hence many find it hard to cope with the constant change. Many businesses today want their IT operation smooth-running, time and labor saving and simplified. To achieve this desired result, they turn to Podium IT Support contracts.

The IT professionals and technicians at Podium IT are trained and qualified in the latest technology, especially medical IT. If you are thinking of contracting your IT support services, please contact us for a fast and reliable quote. Call us on 1300 859 926 or visit us at

We will be happy to answer your questions and if you wish require a consult we can do that over video or in person, we’d love to meet with you and let’s talk about your concerns and how we can help solve your problems, with your IT support needs. We offer our services all throughout Melbourne suburbs. We look forward to hearing from you.