Exact Dental IT Support

Specialised IT Support for Dental Practices Utilising Exact Dental Software


Podium IT's Exact Dental Software Support Features

24/7 Monitoring and Proactive Intervention: Our vigilant team at Podium IT constantly monitors Exact Dental software, preemptively identifying and resolving issues to prevent any operational disruptions.

Customized Training for Empowerment: Beyond support, we believe in empowering your clinic’s staff. Our specialized training programs are designed to familiarize your team with every aspect of Exact Dental software, enhancing efficiency in patient management.

Stringent Data Protection: Recognizing the importance of patient data security, Podium IT implements robust backup systems and rapid data recovery processes, ensuring the safety and availability of patient records at all times.

Advanced Cybersecurity Implementation: To combat increasing cyber threats, our team employs cutting-edge security measures, fortifying Exact Dental software against potential breaches.

Responsive Helpdesk Support: Our dedicated helpdesk is always on standby to swiftly address any inquiries or issues you might face with Exact Dental software, thereby reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Continual Software Optimizations: Staying ahead in technology, we regularly update Exact Dental software with the latest advancements and security updates, ensuring it performs at its best for your practice.

What is Exact Dental Software?

Exact Dental Software is a comprehensive practice management system designed specifically for dental clinics. It's developed by Software of Excellence, a subsidiary of Henry Schein, which is a global provider of healthcare products and services. Exact Dental Software is known for its ability to streamline various aspects of dental practice management.

Understanding the Importance of IT Support for Clinics Using Exact Dental Software

In the dynamic world of dental healthcare, where precision and efficiency are paramount, the role of technology cannot be overstated. Exact Dental Software has emerged as a linchpin in this tech-driven landscape, offering unparalleled support in managing patient records, scheduling, billing, and more. However, the real power of this software is fully harnessed only when backed by robust IT support.

Optimised Exact Dental IT Support Tailored for Your Clinic

In the dynamic world of dental healthcare, where precision and efficiency are paramount, the role of technology cannot be overstated. Exact Dental Software has emerged as a linchpin in this tech-driven landscape, offering unparalleled support in managing patient records, scheduling, billing, and more. However, the real power of this software is fully harnessed only when backed by robust IT support. Here’s why:

Seamless Integration and Operation

Exact Dental Software is a comprehensive tool, but its integration into the daily workings of a clinic requires expertise. Professional IT support ensures that the software seamlessly melds with your clinic’s workflows, enhancing productivity without disrupting established practices.

Data Security and Compliance

Patient data is not just sensitive; it’s also subject to stringent regulatory standards. IT support plays a crucial role in ensuring that your clinic’s use of Exact Dental Software adheres to all legal and ethical guidelines, protecting patient information and the clinic’s reputation.

Maximizing Software Potential

Often, the full potential of a sophisticated tool like Exact Dental Software remains untapped due to a lack of technical know-how. With dedicated IT support, your clinic can leverage every feature to its utmost capacity, from advanced data analytics to automated patient communication, ensuring you stay ahead in the competitive field of dental care.

Proactive Problem-Solving

IT issues can arise at any moment, and downtime can be costly in a fast-paced clinic environment. Having a dedicated IT support team means problems are identified and resolved swiftly, minimizing disruptions to clinic operations and patient care.

Continuous Evolution

The field of dental technology is ever-evolving. Regular updates and new features of Exact Dental Software require adept handling. IT support ensures your clinic is always at the cutting edge, utilizing the latest advancements to provide exceptional care.

At your clinic, we recognize the indispensable value of robust IT support for using Exact Dental Software. It’s not just about keeping the systems running; it’s about elevating the standard of care we provide to our patients. With our dedicated IT team, we ensure that our technology is always an asset, never a hindrance. Join us in embracing the future of dental care, today.

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Our Unique Approach & Onboarding Process at Podium IT

At Podium IT, we specialize in providing managed IT services uniquely tailored for dental clinics using Exact Dental Software. Our approach is centered around understanding the specific needs of the dental industry and delivering solutions that enhance efficiency, security, and patient care. Here’s how we stand out and what our onboarding process looks like:

Specialized Expertise in Dental IT: Our team at Podium IT has deep expertise in the dental sector, particularly in supporting clinics that use Exact Dental Software. We understand the nuances of dental practice management and technology, enabling us to offer IT solutions that are not just effective but also perfectly aligned with the needs of dental professionals.

Customized IT Solutions: We believe that no two dental clinics are the same. That’s why we start by understanding your specific needs, challenges, and goals. From there, we craft customized IT strategies and solutions that optimize your use of Exact Dental Software and other technologies, ensuring your clinic operates at its best.

Onboarding Process:

  1. Initial Assessment: Our engagement begins with a thorough assessment of your current IT infrastructure and how you use Exact Dental Software. We identify areas for improvement, potential security risks, and opportunities to enhance efficiency.

  2. Strategic IT Planning: Based on our assessment, we develop a strategic IT plan tailored to your clinic. This includes recommendations for hardware, software, and security measures.

  3. Seamless Integration: We ensure the smooth implementation of IT solutions with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our team expertly integrates new systems with your existing setup, focusing on maximizing the capabilities of Exact Dental Software.

  4. Comprehensive Security Audit and Network Penetration Test: To safeguard your clinic’s data, we conduct a comprehensive security audit and a detailed network penetration test. This process helps identify vulnerabilities and reinforces your network’s defense against cyber threats.

  5. Ongoing Management and Optimization: IT needs evolve, and so do we. Our managed services include continuous monitoring, maintenance, and updates to keep your IT infrastructure in top shape, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional dental care.

Proactive Support and Security: We take a proactive approach to IT support at Podium IT, anticipating and resolving issues before they impact your clinic. Our stringent security measures ensure the protection of sensitive patient data, giving you peace of mind.

Partnering for Success: At Podium IT, we see ourselves as more than just an IT provider; we are your technology partner committed to the success of your dental clinic. Let us help you harness the full power of technology to elevate your practice.

Dental Clinic IT Support Scope

Cloud Migration

Migrate your data to the cloud

Fibre Internet

Fibre internet allows your business to access cloud services

IP Voice Plans

Business phone systems are important to get right.


We can clean up your old cables in your data rack

IT Support Melbourne

Our core service is IT Support Melbourne


We can procure install and maintain all of your hardware

Disaster Recovery Plans

This is critical for a medical clinic. We will test this for your regualrly in the background

Printing & Scanning

cyber security

Network Security

A critical component to your network. We can audit your network to make sure you are secure

Wifi Solutions

Security Systems


We’re all about providing simplified and superior technology solutions that exceed our client’s expectations and add value to their business. We’d love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we may help you with your IT Support requirements. Please call us on the number listed or fill in the contact sheet and an enthusiastic IT Support team member will be in touch very soon.