Need help with IT Support Services for your Business

IT Support

Your business’ IT infrastructure is integral to running your business effectively. Tasks like managing the company’s computers, email accounts, websites, printers, servers, and telephones is critical to ensure every day work can be carried out. It is a daunting task and you may be spending too many resources – time and money – on it. It might be time to get external help from the professionals and experts in IT support services industry.

Podium IT is an IT services provider; that offers to help you from the demanding and difficult experience of dealing with your company’s technology problems. Our service will allow you to focus on activities that relate directly to the growth of your business.

We can provide affordable IT support, for nearly all types of industries, such as medical practices, dentists, pharmacies, law firms, restaurants, tourism industries, accounting firms and many more. No matter what type of industry your business is in and your allocated budget for the management of your IT infrastructure, we can provide you with a custom solution. Podium IT specialises in providing managed IT services, not only for startups, but also for established businesses, in the form that best fits your business needs.

Our services include:

  • Network performance : IT disaster recovery plan
  • Internal network cabling :  Network security
  • Enterprise management system : Printing and scanning solutions
  • Telecoms and data service : Security surveillance system
  • Firewall intrusion detection : Wi-Fi

We can help your business success by you focusing on the business, while we work in the business by taking care of your IT needs. We know that your primary focus is growing your business; why not entrust Podium IT to us to deliver on the technical aspects.

These are the benefits that you can gain by sourcing out your IT services to us:

1. Cost reduction

We offer you a complete range of IT products and services that include all the needs of your small business and you’ll spend only a fraction of the price, that saves time and money.

2. Technical support always available

Technical issues can cause tress and concern especially if you can’t resolve the problem quickly, so having someone on call can eliminate all this worry for you, your staff and importantly your customers. Our services will always be available when these IT interruptions happen.

3. Competitive advantage with state-of-the-art technology

We use the most up to date technologies that are available in the market to allow us to develop a complete suite of solutions for your business.

4. Spend your time on core business

Our IT services will give you more time to deal with the aspects of your business; so, it will free up time for you and your staff.

5. Value for your investments

We will take care of all your software and hardware needs, along with selecting the right technology for your business. The right technology will give you the highest ROI (Return on Investments), so that’s makes for smarter financial decisions for your business.

Talk to us about how we can help you with our IT services. We are in the business of IT support and set up so, you are in the right place. Call us on (03) 8578 3077 or visit us at Our services cover all Melbourne suburbs.

Looking for Web Page Design and Hosting?

Web Page Design

A perfect and easy way for small businesses to have a professional online presence; is a well-designed and high performing website, done by an expert IT services provider. Podium IT has an experienced web page design team and we are based in Melbourne. We can help your small or medium business to be seen in today’s digital world, which is why we offer you our customised and affordable website solutions. Through this, we are sure we can take your marketing efforts, to the next level.

Podium IT web page design and hosting services package includes everything you need to become successful online. The following are the benefits of what we offer in our solution:

  • Professional design – The layout, font and color will be, as you choose. If you are not sure how and where to start, our design team will be available to help. You can also browse through our website to find inspiration.
  • Stock images – We will present to you some readily available stock images, so that you can select. Then you can use them for your website.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – We will design your website in such a way, as it is SEO friendly and can be easily found by online visitors and prospective customers online.
  • Web hosting – Our web hosting feature, comes with fully sufficient space and data transfer, along with security and maintenance.
  • Social Network – We can instantly connect your website with other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Spam protection and virus protection

Our web page design and hosting services will deliver a website that is built on the latest technologies and platforms uses various attractive templates, image libraries and professional copywriters to create a web solution; that is tailored to suit your purpose. Additionally, our website designs are SEO friendly and can smoothly combine with your business’s social sites.

All these are backed by our dedicated website experts. We would like your business to stand out from the crowd, hence we deliver high quality website solutions that can be beneficial, to its success. No matter, whether it’s a simple start up design or a complete rebuild web design and hosting services or a content management system control; Podium IT can tailor a solution; that is right for you.

We know how important it is for a business like yours, to focus on the important skills; so you can achieve your business goals and therefore maximise results. Allow us to take the stress out of maintaining and managing your online presence and infrastructure. We can provide you an end to end service; that includes website design and hosting, dedicated server hosting, website monitoring and IT support.

By consistently meeting the needs and requirements of our customers, we are confident that we can tailor a hosting package that is specific to what your website needs. We understand that great performance and availability are critical to any business website, so for your web design and hosting needs, you can trust only the best and that is Podium IT. Please contact us on 1300 859 926 or visit us at Our services cover all Melbourne suburbs.

Need a Computer Hardware Installation Solution?

Computer Hardware Installation

You are set to purchase a new IT hardware, but you do not feel, you can install or integrate it correctly into your business. Or maybe you’re not sure of which type of equipment to buy, such as computers, servers, phone equipment, IT software systems, etc. Whatever is the case, whether it is routine maintenance, or an upgrade, IT support, we can help.

Podium IT can service your hardware solutions needs. We can provide internal network cabling, telecoms and data services, security surveillance systems, printing and scanning solutions and much more. This service is a regular part of our IT support – to upgrade or replace your computer hardware components, to improve its performance. Some hardware that needs to be installed include hard drives, system memory, video and sound cards, ROM drives, power supplies, motherboards, optical drives and so on.

We are aware that you want a more professional approach to our hardware solutions, which is why our offered services involves planning, preparation, installation and testing. For us, at Podium IT, it is important that we get it right the first time. We always see to it that our upgrades are problem-free, quick and effective, so that you and your staff can keep doing your work, without getting interrupted.

When we work with your hardware, regardless of whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade, we always think about safety. We understand our risks from electricity and the risk of damaging the hardware components, from ESD or electrostatic discharge. Every member of our team is organised and professional in their approach, making sure that they have the necessary and correct tools and parts, to work on your hardware installation and hardware solutions. Some of the things that you can expect us to do at the site include the following:

  • We will install any hardware components that you require, whether you bought it, before our service or we recommended it on site.
  • We will also install the drivers; these are the software that will make your Operating System (OS) and your hardware work together. We will download any specific drivers; that are required by the new hardware, to make it function properly.
  • We will update the requirements of your operating system and make sure that your OS is up to date and incorporating the latest information.
  • Before we leave, we will test our work, to ensure optical performance.

Computer Hardware SolutionWe are your best option for hardware installation services and hardware solutions; and we can help you, if you simply don’t have the time, the staff or the expertise to unpack, install and test your newly bought IT hardware. We will take care of all your IT needs on site, delivered by our highly skilled IT technicians.

New hardware installation can sometimes be an unpleasant experience and likely to result in real IT issues for the business. Some employees even avoid using the new tools, not knowing how it works. Our hardware installation solutions can get your computer operating at full speed, with no time wastage, at all and we also provide on-going IT support for piece of mind.

Contact us for a fast quote and let us help you avoid all of the above problems related to hardware installation and solutions. Call us on 1300 859 926 or visit us at We service all Melbourne suburbs.

Looking To Migrate And Upgrade To Office 365

MSOffice 365

IT services companies offer their business and technical expertise to help your company in the creation, management and optimisation of, or access to information and business processes. Some examples of IT services include network security, back up, managed print services, computer training IT consulting, help desk support, cloud and 365 migration.

Podium IT can ensure that your company can shift smoothly between different cloud vendors, without encountering issues on implementation, integration, compatibility, and interoperability.

If you are thinking of rebuilding your infrastructure, our 365 migration services will provide you with the following benefits:

  • You can eliminate the heavy server-based environment and reconsider the load of your IT department, especially when changes need to be made to it.
  • With Office 365 migration services, you can make support and maintenance easier. The effort you put into supporting your systems can be reduced to a miniscule level. This will enable you to focus on other business activities; instead of issues related to your software.
  • Your staff can have numerous collaboration options; including group-based conversations, shared team sites, video conferencing, chats, among many others.
  • If you are using other cloud solutions for your business, adopting 365 migration will allow you to bind together different systems.

Podium IT has a migration service kit to help your company before, during and after migration. It is our company’s belief that business goals and infrastructure details require different methods of Office 365 migration.

So here are the steps that we take:

  • First, we perform a complete analysis of your current resources to find software inconsistencies and flaws and have them fixed, before we perform the migration process. We also assess the overall structure of your current solutions and take away all components that are not needed.
  • Second, we combine your 365 deployment, with on-premise or other cloud applications. This process allows the users of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), BI (Business Intelligence), project management and other systems to collaborate in such a way; that is secure and well organized.
  • Third, we provide your business users and IT specialists; with post migration training, so that they will know how to use the suite effectively on different devices. If your staff is trained for Office 365 migration services, they’ll gain knowledge on how to ensure the solution’s security and guarantee uninterrupted performance.
  • Fourth, you will surely get the support that you need in the post-migration period; to ensure that the migrated solution is feasible and keeps working successfully; to extend functionality, while providing support to IT end users and specialists. Our support package will be adapted to the needs of your business.

Office 365Lastly, we resell office 365 licenses in a formal and public way, with a price advantage. We also manage licenses and accounts; including arranging of account settings, so as to fit it into a designated task, alarms and notifications and some more.

You can choose from our migration models such as: DirSync Single Sign-On (SSO) Migration, Staged Migration, Cutover Migration and Hybrid Migration. You will get help from our 365-migration team, so that you able to make a choice on the migration option, which fits your organization’s needs and budget.

Are you now planning to move your solution from the existing solution to Office 365? Contact us for a fast quote on (03) 8578 3077 or visit us at We service right across Australia.

What Options Are Available In Internet Plans Near Me?

Internet Plans

If you are a small and medium business owner looking around for a managed IT services provider, it means that you would like a professional managed service plan, to maintain your IT infrastructure remotely. They will take over the work of your IT contractors or staff, who could work on other functions that are as important to your business. The provider will help your business to maintain both software and hardware and implement new technologies that will allow you to run your business more efficiently.

Podium IT is an internet service provider based in Melbourne and we are becoming a leader in various IT services, which can be compiled into a package suiting your requirements. We have internet and voice plans for corporate and small businesses. As you can see in today’s world, traditional telephone systems are no longer a popular option for businesses. They are expensive, inflexible, and inconvenient to use.

For internet and voice plans, we offer you our 3 CX phone system. With this, you do not have to host your phone system in the building occupied by your business. It works with IP Phones and SIP trunks. It is simple, flexible, and inexpensive and frees you from the headaches brought about by the traditional phone system.

Our high-speed internet plans include these:

  • NBN 25 – 2 users
  • NBN 50 – 10 plus users
  • NBN100- 25 plus users, all offering unlimited download.

We can also provide you with Corporate Fibre Metro 10/10, Metro 20/20 and Metro 50/50, also offering unlimited downloads. We have various internet connection services – both of which are possible to host on your premises and on cloud – that will suit your budget and your business requirements. Our information communication technology suite of internet and voice plans will allow your people to work jointly on every activity that will leave your customers feeling happy.

Podium IT is a one stop shop, not only for all your internet needs, but we also include other related services like: monitoring of your network performance, internal network cabling, security surveillance systems, network security, Wi-Fi among many others.

Podium IT has a direct, long-standing experience in the internet services that you would want to trust us to service and maintain for your business. We have been in the business; operating as a Managed IT Service provider in Melbourne and its suburbs over many years. We have provided reliable IT support to almost all industries, which include medical, construction, sales and many others, and we have received many positive reviews, feedback and testimonials from our customers.

You, too, can benefit considerably from our wide range of IT services. We have all the latest technologies, and can you grow your business, by taking care of your IT needs, while you are busy handling other stuff. You will get our 24/7 support plans, as we have a team of professionals, who will provide you with immediate help, anytime you need it. Besides all this, we also specialise in protection against digital threat, for example, hacking. We keep up with the most up to date methods and tools, to protect your digital assets and brand.

If you would like to learn more about the services that we offer, please let us know. You can contact us for a fast quote on 1300 859 926 or visit us at We service across all Melbourne suburbs.

Why Disaster Recovery Is Important?

Disaster Recovery

Businesses big and small use IT support, so that information can be quickly and effectively processed. You and your employees communicate, by using electronic mail and VOIP telephone systems. You transmit data, such as purchase orders and payments, through the electronic data interchange. There is a large amount of data on your servers and you have desktop computers, wireless devices and laptops to process information.

The question is: What happens when your Information technology fails to function and you do not have a disaster recovery plan in place; to make sure that your business continues to operate. Your organisation may experience a serious loss of data, at a simple power outage. This can affect your finances negatively; because you tend to lose your customers’ confidence, as your company’s is unable to keep a safe and secure information.

Podium IT offers: Melbourne businesses IT support services that includes a disaster recovery plan, among its many other support solutions. This is very important; because it ascertains that whenever a hardware failure strikes, it doesn’t stop your business from operating, and no data is ever lost.

Besides machine failures, there is also the human-induced problem, when even the most careful employee of yours’ makes a mistake, like when they forget a step or enter wrong data. This mistake can be the most difficult to correct and one difficult to prevent from happening.

Another thing that makes a disaster recovery plan important; is the fact that most customers expect perfection. The internet revolution has not only compelled transparency and accountability to all businesses; it has increased competition as well. This is why many customers have become less forgiving and demand that products and services be flawless. There are other competitors, who are ready to get your business. So, you want to provide the service or there are chances of you losing your projects to competitors.

It is not only difficult to get back your customers that have left your business; because of an outage in your IT service; but it is also excessively expensive, to get it done all over again. It would be cheaper to retain them, than have them re-acquired. It usually takes a lot to gain your customer’s trust and confidence; but when your data gets lost, due to hardware failure or a hacker attack or a cyber-attack, this trust quickly fades away. This is especially true, if the customers are losing a large amount of money, for every minute of downtime.

Every business is prone to IT disasters, but you can do many things to prevent it. In case it happens, the disaster recovery plan, will make your business recover very quickly. This way, you will be able to prevent loss of data, loss of customer confidence, loss of business or loss of finances.

If you require help developing your disaster recovery plan, get in touch with Podium IT. Our experts can help you, with disaster recovery runbook and plan and design your recovery procedure. We can even manage it for you, if you so desire. Contact us for a fast quote or if you want to learn more.
Contact us for a fast quote on (03) 8578 3077 or visit us at

We service all Melbourne suburbs.

Need IT Support For Your Small Business

IT Support

Whatever type of small business your’e running, it’s very likely that you could benefit from some level of support, from an IT company. If you have a website or online presence and if it experiences issues; even for a short period of time, your customers (existing and potential) will not be able to find you for information which they need right now. Tech support can help you solve issues on slow load times, Wi-Fi issues, printer, or email issues and even your site’s security problems, including viruses.

If you are based in Melbourne, you can trust your IT services to a firm like Podium IT. We work with multiple businesses and organisations, including specializing in the medical IT support industry. Typically, it will cost you less than hiring a full-time staff and could provide you with a reliable fallback position when you have that important IT issue to resolve.

We at Podium IT are aware that your business data is very important to you, so protecting it, is one of our top priorities. There is an increasing libel threat that remain hidden in every corner of the business website and our IT services have the appropriate prevention and action technique; in case your online presence is at stake. We can help you get the best possible protection, as we have seen them all.

In our team, we have on site as well as remote IT technicians, IT sales specialists and IT specialists. Therefore, we can have all IT solutions that your small business may require. It doesn’t matter; whether the website has been started with an initial set-up, consulting, technology purchase assistance, occasional IT infrastructure assessment, checkups as we provide all of these services on a monthly basis. This will include maintenance and monitoring as required for your website. You can choose from the many options to suit your budget. Our IT services ensure that our technicians are available by phone, email or by online chat. They can take care of the issues right away. You may experience a sudden server crash, office router issues, emails going offline – therefore, you’ll need a tech team that will immediately respond to your call and solve these issues, as they occur.

Having Podium IT by your side means; that you needn’t worry regarding any computer issues ever again. Our IT services will deal with such issues that you shouldn’t be dealing with, in the first place, so that you and your staff are be able to focus on getting the job done and on running your business. Working on the business not in its everyday tech issues.

We offer a wide range of IT services and will be able to deliver the service that your business needs, at rates that you can afford. In fact, it’s not about just fitting your budget, but we want to find ways to save you money.

Call us for a fast quote on 1300 859 926 or visit us at Our services cover all of Melbourne.

IT Support for Medical Centers

Medical Centers

IT services of medical centers allow clinic owners and health care providers to improve the quality of their health care delivery to their patients. Medical IT supports accurate recording of patient data to increase the level of patient safety, reduce medical errors and enhance the communication between the patients and health care professionals.

Podium IT in Melbourne, Australia makes medical IT support easy for your business in the health care system. We are IT experts, who are fully focused in keeping your business functioning well, providing managed IT services to the health care industry. We always ensure that everything in your clinic works as it should, preventing disruptions and problems, when there’s power or network outage or data loss.

With Podium IT support, you will always have an experienced IT technician besides you to help, when you need it most. Your network will be closely monitored by us. We set up your systems, provide you with complete medical IT support services and maintain accreditation compliance. Whether you have a small or big business, our team is here and always available to make your IT operations hassle-free.

Our IT services for medical centers can help make your IT processes more efficient and will back you up when something goes wrong. We have a team of seasoned professionals, to make sure you won’t have any serious problems all year round. We provide a range of services that cover IT support, medical IT support, web design, disaster recovery, hardware install, online operations, and voice plans.

While our team is working with you, we aim to lessen your overall expenditures on your medical IT support system. We can examine your existing IT system; to eliminate what is no longer needed or useful to your operation. Or, we can give your present system a new form and structure, to make it work at its optimum performance. Our team will be willing to have an overall audit of your health care business’ technology use and suggest about what you need to invest through your businesses growth plan.

Besides helping you set up a new clinic and providing you with managed medical IT support for your existing one, our experts can also assist with upgrades, security, IT management and more. Our services can result in increase of operational efficiency and quickly improve your services and processes. This will ensure that your patients can be served better, now and well into future.

Podium IT will also take the proper security precautions against data leaks, data loss, hackers, and other threats. This is very important for the operation of your clinic or medical practice and our medical IT specialists can help you meet the various rules about keeping patients’ data protected and secure.

If you’re currently looking for an experienced IT team that will provide support to your health care business, as it develops and changes, Podium IT is the one for you. Our solutions exceed our clients’ expectations. Call us for a fast quote or talk to our team about setting up your medical IT system.

Visit us at or contact us at 1300 859 926.

Why Do I Need Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services

Firstly, and importantly, managed IT services is the services delivered by a provider that includes IT support services, proactive monitoring of IT infrastructure, and any hardware associated with the business including laptops, desktops and servers. It also involves a monthly flat rate, which means it is fixed at a level of usable hours which are negotiated at the time to cover the individual needs of the business. Hourly rates can also be discussed as an option if the services required are more ad-hoc.

Now, your business needs managed IT services because there is a need to keep your IT system reliable and efficiently running. When you work with an IT support provider under IT contracts, your business will be able to realise savings, thus it will benefit you financially in the long run. Your outgoings, expenses are controlled and the return on Investment maximised.

Are you thinking of entering into IT support contracts with a managed IT support provider in Melbourne? You can stop looking now. Podium IT offers you their IT support service that is not only professional, but reliable, friendly and easy. Our specialisation is medical IT support. We have years of experience in supporting medical IT and these years have helped us to be able to keep things running well, painlessly and without any problems for our customers in the medical field. Podium It doesn’t stop there as we also provide extensive services to a wide range of industries, visit our website at for more details. We understand the kind of support that you require and that your network can become very complex, especially when you start adding transcription devices, x-ray machines, specialist imaging equipment and many others.

Our services extend to the further side of IT contracts as an IT support provider because we don’t stop finding new technologies, new ideas and examination of the efficiency of our staff, our brand and our products. We would like to make sure that the service that we offer is the best that you could find in the market.

Entering an IT support contract with Podium IT will help improve your security, as well as guarantee data protection. Your systems will be checked, redesigned if needed and new technologies will be implemented to make certain that you will be able to handle incoming patients with confidence because your IT systems are trust-worthy. We will make sure that you are able to protect the health records of your patients and some other personal and private information of value, which is important, because we are in a world where data breaches are very common.

Modern technology is making a thorough and dramatic change in the world of business. It’s doing it quickly, hence many find it hard to cope with the constant change. Many businesses today want their IT operation smooth-running, time and labor saving and simplified. To achieve this desired result, they turn to Podium IT Support contracts.

The IT professionals and technicians at Podium IT are trained and qualified in the latest technology, especially medical IT. If you are thinking of contracting your IT support services, please contact us for a fast and reliable quote. Call us on 1300 859 926 or visit us at

We will be happy to answer your questions and if you wish require a consult we can do that over video or in person, we’d love to meet with you and let’s talk about your concerns and how we can help solve your problems, with your IT support needs. We offer our services all throughout Melbourne suburbs. We look forward to hearing from you.

How To Remotely Connect To Your Office?

IT remote support

There are instances when you need to work from home (like COVID 19), away from your office and be able to access all the files and applications of your office computer. It requires care and technological skills because it is a difficult and tough task to handle. How you connect to your office’s network, from your home or any place outside of office, completely depends on how you set up your work. This is one aspect that may require you to enter into an agreement, with an Managed IT support provider.

However, before we discuss the IT remote support, it is a good thing to know that there are free applications and tools out there that you can use, so you are allowed to remotely connect to your office computer. These applications can be useful sometimes as a quick temporary fix. Here are some of them:

  • TeamViewer is an application that can be available to use for Apple, Linux, Windows and mobile installations, without unnecessary and excessive features. It is also user friendly.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop is easier to use than TeamViewer, as it has less features. You can use it, without having the web browser running, but you must install the chrome browser as your main web browser.
  • Join me is a remote desktop app that is lightweight to a great degree and also simple to use.

When you use any of these applications, you need to follow each of their step by step instructions, so that you can make the connection to your office. If you belong to those groups of people who are not up to date with the technology changes, you might require the services of an IT remote support provider.

Podium IT provides technical help to people, who need assistance not only for remote connections, but also during times, when their computer systems have a breakdown. Our services are available in all Melbourne suburbs. We are a provider of Remote IT support and we can help you connect to your office from your home or anywhere else you might be located. Besides that, we also offer to solve your computer problems remotely. This means that our help takes place through the internet and our technicians need not leave the office; and the computer that fails also stays in its place.

Podium IT uses ConnectWise Control, a self-hosted remote desktop software app, to connect to your PC when you have a problem. When you call, one of our technicians will give you a code, which you need to enter. It is a method by which our technician identifies the nature of the problem and takes a few possible steps to provide a solution.

When you enter a contract with our IT remote support, you can have the benefits of an increased response time, minimized cost, increased productivity and your own IT expert on board 24/7.

Contact us for a fast quote on 1300 859 926 or visit us at

We will provide you with a free assessment or answer any questions or provide helpful information. Remember, when we manage your technological needs, you can focus solely on making your business grow. So, I know we can help.