Hardware Installation

Hardware Installation

Podium IT offers expert business IT support. Podium IT’s core values are different compared to our competitors, we are able to appraise your business based systems and offer a fresh, unbiased and appropriate solution to all of your IT requirements. We support only the latest business IT technologies, more importantly however we are honest, reliable and actually care!


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You only get on chance at installation of new hardware and it needs to be perfect from the beginning. We have seen some unconventional network designs over the years, and almost every time the end user is experiencing poor network behaviour and performance as a result. This being a day to day task at Podium IT we have had to time to streamline your installation process. All of our installs are performed following quality control methods that are designed to offer the end user optimal performance of their hardware. Here are some of our expert features

  • Experts in the design of Windows Server environments
  • Complete understanding of network principles
  • Partners with the premium hardware supplier



Why Podium IT?

Our satisfied client base is a strong testimony of the quality of service Podium IT offers their customers. We are a managed service provider offering VoIP phone systems for your small business in Melbourne. Not only are we equipped with the latest technology designed to streamline your internal IT processes, we also understand the pressures and priorities of your practice. Podium IT prides itself of being able to offer the following capabilities:

Network Health Checks

We will manage the installation of all software patches while you are sleeping.

Hardware Installs

It is extremely important that you trust your IT support provider 

24/7 Management

24/7 management of your network is pretty simple, we are altered immediately of any issues!

Competitive Pricing

We offer all our clients competitive prices and are transparent with all of your costs.

Friendly Support

It’s one thing to know how to support an It system, it is a completely different thing to do it in a professional and friendly manner.


We can offer you monthly network health reports!


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