When you’re a small company looking for a reliable IT support service, finding the right company is a difficult process. Everyone offers different packages and specialises in different industries, so finding the right match for you is tricky. Read on to learn more about what to look for in an IT service when you run a small company.

Hardware installation

One of the most important parts of effective IT systems in your business is having a strong level of hardware installation and design services. This means an IT support team coming out to your business and installing all of the hardware that your organisation needs to function. Hardware installation includes installing all of your computers, getting your servers up and running and connecting your company to the internet. Better hardware installation means more stable technology that enables working online faster. This service also includes hardware design. An IT support team lets you know all of the individual pieces of hardware you need and how they fit together into a cohesive system. You don’t need to worry about designing your own software storage system, you can instead focus on getting to work once your IT infrastructure is in place.

Software migrations

One of the main things to look for when choosing a company that offers good IT support is software migrations. When a software package you use becomes outdated, you need to transition to a new edition or a new software package. That’s where software migrations are important. Using services such as an Office 365 migration ensures that your company keeps all of its data, accounts have all of the right access and you can keep doing business without any significant interruptions. Account management is another keystone of keeping access to data and documentation. An IT support company that keeps track of all of your staff user accounts and grants the right permissions means that staff members access the right information for their own professional needs.

Data security

Having a good level of data security is a necessity in any business, especially when providing medical IT support. The first step in ensuring that your provider is of a high standard is checking that they offer cybersecurity packages. This limits the chance of data breaches in your organisation, keeping you on the right side of legislation and retaining customer data protection. The best IT support solutions also offer services such as Datto disaster recovery. This is a data recovery tool that ensures that, if your company suffers a data loss, you can retrieve as much as possible with relative ease. In a highly confidential field such as medicine, using good data recovery tools ensures that you protect your customers from digital threats as well as medical ones.

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Ashley Tietze

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