Do you need high-grade medical IT support for a competitive price? Podium IT is a specialist managed service provider with particular expertise in medical IT solutions. We work with medical providers of all sizes, providing a complete solution to their IT requirements.

Some of the businesses that we service includes:

  • Medical practices.
  • Veterinary practices.
  • Dental practices.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Clinics.
  • Healthcare facilities.

Managed service provision

Using us as a managed service provider enables you to hand over responsibility for all aspects of your IT set-up to us. No matter what the scope of your IT needs may be, we can meet them. Our services includes:

  • Updates to hardware and software.
  • Facilitating secure storage and data management.
  • Installing new software and hardware.
  • Carrying out routine maintenance and upgrades.
  • Upscaling your IT to meet growing demand or business expansion.
  • Trouble-shooting.

Our comprehensive suite of services provides a complete answer to your IT needs. We operate as your IT team, offering a responsive, expert service that’s available 24/7/365.

Experienced, expert team at your service

One of the challenges that smaller medical practices encounter is employing an IT professional who’s got the skills they need whilst also being affordable. This is where outsourcing can save money, without compromising the quality of the service you receive. Using outsourced IT provision from Podium IT gives you access to high-calibre professionals without the commitment of paying a full-time salary each year.

In addition, using our team means there’s no need to provide HR services, pay recruitment costs or obtain holiday cover to ensure your IT tasks are completed. We take care of all those issues, offering an effective, dependable IT solution that frees you up to concentrate on other business priorities.

Flexible packages to suit your needs and budget

Many medical practices don’t need a full-time IT worker or their equivalent. Using a managed service provider means only paying for the input that you need. In some cases this may equate to full-time hours; in others, a few hours a month is all that’s needed to keep your IT working perfectly.

We offer a selection of packages and price plans that are tailored to suit your specific requirements. If you already have in-house tech support, we can complement their work to provide seamless service delivery. In addition, our clients can alter the level of support they need quickly and easily – if your business is growing, we have the capacity to meet your increasing IT needs.

Forward thinking, proactive and knowlegeable

Because medical IT support and dental IT support services are our specialisms, we bring a wealth of expertise and current knowledge to each client that we support. We recognise that IT support is constantly evolving – we stay up-to-date with new developments and processes, ensuring our work is rich in innovation and offering sophisticated options for everyday practice issues.

Contact us for a quote, information or advice. Call us on 1300 859 926 or visit us at We service all Melbourne suburbs and Sunshine Coast (QLD).