Before you decide which IT support provider you should call to fix your broken server. I suggest you read the following 5 pieces of advice.

  1. If your company’s service or product lands within a niece industry it is important that your service provider has experience
  2. Ask if the service provider has a point of difference? Don’t be afraid to ask a little deeper into their point of difference, for example how is it effective to your business.
  3. Supporting most small businesses isn’t that difficult for most experienced IT companies, after approx. 10 years you have seen most things good and bad. I would base your decision heavily on whether or not you can have a decent conversation with your IT guy.
  4. Ask what their response time is and how quickly can they be onsite in case of an emergency
  5. Shop around – competition is fierce and depending on your timing you may even be able to strike a bargain.

Our point of difference is our unique customer experience of IT support. We have spent years perfecting the experience you receive when you pick up the phone and call us. Don’t believe me? Get in contact here or call us now!