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IT Support Technician Jobs? We are always looking for talented staff to assist us with the growth and performance of out services. Podium IT offers all of their staff an opportunity to thrive, we support creative thinking and are a strong believer in accepting new ideas. If you think you have something to offer send your C.V to





 The Offer:

Podium IT is offering a full time position for a Technical Support Officer. We are an established IT Support company with clients across many different industries and sizes.

The role will see you work alongside other technicians to support the company’s biggest clients performing onsite and remote IT support as required.

 Our Commitment:

As part of the role, Podium IT will be offering you unique exposure to some of the latest technologies. You will also be involved in developing and integrating critical IT infrastructure projects internally and externally. The majority of our clients operate in the health care sector, as this is a niche market, you will be exposed to the operations of an exclusive set of software suites.

 As part of the Podium IT team, you will be part of our tight knit, energetic workforce with particular emphasis on learning and growth. We are committed to ensuring your future at Podium IT through an open workplace culture and flexible working conditions. Some flexible working options include the ability to work from home, provided you are able to display the skills required to work autonomously.    

 The Role:

The role primarily consists of being the first point of contact for clients. You will be required to assist clients as they raise IT issues with Podium IT, which will be primarily over the phone however, there are emails and other forms of communication channels as well.    

 You will excel in this role if you have expert troubleshooting skills, a very professional client service etiquette and a passion for IT support. We are seeking a candidate with an understanding of the basics of small business IT networks. The following skills will be highly regarded: 

–       Experience with medical software like Medical Director and Best Practice

–       Experience with Autotask end point management and PSA

–       Windows Server 2008 – 2019 Domain, Workgroup and RDP environments.

–       Windows 7-10.

–       IP Address

–       DNS, DHCP, WAN, WLAN and LAN

–       Network switches and routers

–       Server Hardware Configuration

–       Printer settings

–       Cloud Infrastructure AWS/Azure

–       3cx Phone Systems

–       C Panel Webhosting


The Role encompasses two main areas of responsibility which are outlined below:

 1. Podium IT Remote Support Technician

Part of the role as a Technical Support Officer you will be required to respond to all client’s inquiries immediately and professionally.

The core responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

–       Being available to answer incoming client inquiries from the hours of M-F 8:30AM – 5:00PM unless otherwise stated.

–       Creation and resolution where possible of tickets from all incoming client inquires. You will be provided guidance on how to escalate outstanding tickets.

–       Constantly improving internal processes where needed. i.e. he complete ticket cycle, and client experiences.

–       Required to maintain other technicians clients site visit calendar

–       Software and Hardware procurement

–       Quoting for software and hardware supply and installation

Regular operations and team meetings with the Managing Directors to present findings and suggest solutions for improved business health.

 Key KPI: Correctly create and resolve most of your tickets and client enquiries, successfully manage other technicians’ onsite calendar. Maintain a professional manner and positive attitude when communicating with clients. Enjoy your job and assisting Podium IT with its mission – “The Best IT Support…Ever…”

  2. Podium IT Onsite Support Technician

Another integral part of the role is to be able to execute onsite IT Support as required. To be able to execute onsite support correctly you are required to complete all pending tasks and professionally respond to any client requests during your onsite visit.

Eventually your requirement for onsite support will increase as the company expands. There are also opportunities for you to progress and move you into a team leader position and organise day-to-day activities of other technicians.

Key KPI: To show competence within the activities required during onsite IT support. To show initiative and always represent Podium IT with your highest standard.


 The salary is negotiable based on experience and skill. This will include a six month probation period. Salary review can be conducted following this probation period. During the probation you will use your own car  if required and issued a travel allowance to compensate.

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