If you are a small and medium business owner looking around for a managed IT services provider, it means that you would like a professional managed service plan, to maintain your IT infrastructure remotely. They will take over the work of your IT contractors or staff, who could work on other functions that are as important to your business. The provider will help your business to maintain both software and hardware and implement new technologies that will allow you to run your business more efficiently.

Podium IT is an internet service provider based in Melbourne and we are becoming a leader in various IT services, which can be compiled into a package suiting your requirements.

We have internet and voice plans for corporate and small businesses. As you can see in today‚Äôs world, traditional telephone systems are no longer a popular option for businesses. They are expensive, inflexible, and inconvenient to use. 

For internet and voice plans, we offer you our 3 CX phone system. With this, you do not have to host your phone system in the building occupied by your business. It works with IP Phones and SIP trunks.  It is simple, flexible, and inexpensive and frees you from the headaches brought about by the traditional phone system.

Our high-speed internet plans include these:

NBN 25 – 2 users

NBN 50 – 10 plus users

NBN100- 25 plus users, all offering unlimited download.

We can also provide you with Corporate Fibre Metro 10/10, Metro 20/20 and Metro 50/50, also offering unlimited downloads. We have various internet connection services – both of which are possible to host on your premises and on cloud – that will suit your budget and your business requirements.

Our information communication technology suite of internet and voice plans will allow your people to work jointly on every activity that will leave your customers feeling happy.

Podium IT is a one stop shop, not only for all your internet needs, but we also include other related services like: monitoring of your network performance, internal network cabling, security surveillance systems, network security, Wi-Fi among many others.

Podium IT has a direct, long-standing experience in the internet services that you would want to trust us to service and maintain for your business. We have been in the business; operating as a Managed IT Service Provider in Melbourne and its suburbs over many years. We have provided reliable IT support to almost all industries, which include medical, construction, sales and many others, and we have received many positive reviews, feedback and testimonials from our customers.

You, too, can benefit considerably from our wide range of IT services. We have all the latest technologies, and can you grow your business, by taking care of your IT needs, while you are busy handling other stuff. You will get our 24/7 support plans, as we have a team of professionals, who will provide you with immediate help, anytime you need it. Besides all this, we also specialise in protection against digital threat, for example, hacking. We keep up with the most up to date methods and tools, to protect your digital assets and brand.

If you would like to learn more about the services that we offer, please let us know. You can contact us for a fast quote on 1300 859 926

You can also visit us at www.podiumit.com.au

We service across all Melbourne suburbs.