How to Remotely Connect to Your Office?

There are instances when you need to work from home (like COVID 19), away from your office and be able to access all the files and applications of your office computer. It requires care and technological skills because it is a difficult and tough task to handle. How you connect to your office’s network, from your home or any place outside of office, completely depends on how you set up your work. This is one aspect that may require you to enter into an agreement, with an IT support provider.

However, before we discuss the IT remote support, it is a good thing to know that there are free applications and tools out there that you can use, so you are allowed to remotely connect to your office computer. Here are some of them:

* TeamViewer is an application that can be available to use for Apple, Linux, Windows and mobile installations, without unnecessary and excessive features. It is also user friendly.

* Chrome Remote Desktop is easier to use than TeamViewer, as it has less features. You can use it, without having the web browser running, but you must install the chrome browser as your main web browser.

*Join me is a remote desktop app that is lightweight to a great degree and also simple to use.

When you use any of these applications, you need to follow each of their step by step instructions, so that you can make the connection to your office. If you belong to those groups of people who are not up to date with the technology changes, you might require the services of an IT remote support provider.

Podium IT provides technical help to people, who need assistance not only for remote connections, but also during times, when their computer systems have a breakdown. Our services are available in all Melbourne suburbs. We are a provider of IT remote support and we can help you connect to your office from your home or anywhere else you might be located. Besides that, we also offer to solve your computer problems remotely. This means that our help takes place through the internet and our technicians need not leave the office; and the computer that fails also stays in its place.

Podium IT uses ConnectWise Control, a self-hosted remote desktop software app, to connect to your PC when you have a problem. When you call, one of our technicians will give you a code, which you need to enter. It is a method by which our technician identifies the nature of the problem and takes a few possible steps to provide a solution.

When you enter a contract with our IT remote support, you can have the benefits of an increased response time, minimized cost, increased productivity and your own IT expert on board 24/7.

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