Are you having problems with your computer hardware?  Is it slow or taking a long time to load or your noticing strange clicking noises?  Does your computer show error screen called the blue screen of death? Then, it’s very likely that you’re experiencing an IT hardware failure.

Computer hardware is a collection of the physical parts of a computer and its related devices.  There are two types of hardware – the external hardware (monitor, mouse, printer, keyboard, and scanners) and the internal hardware (system memory, video cards, hard drives, sound cards, rom drives – CD/DVD/Blue Ray, power supply, mother board, etc.) referred to as components.

In many cases, hardware installation is done for to upgrade the performance of your device.  This will give your computer longevity. However, when your computer starts showing issues, such as those mentioned above, there’s a possibility that a failing component needs to be replaced and installed.

Installing hardware components can be a difficult task, if you are not an expert in technology, especially on computers and its hardware and software.  Well, its best left to the experts.

Podium IT is an IT company offering you a variety of technological and additional services, such as managing your network, trouble shooting, preventing failure issues, digital marketing, social media management and hardware installation. You can trust we will take care of IT hardware, when doing our IT work, as we take extra precautions to avoid system damage or personal injury. So, if you do not have the necessary experience, it’s better that you leave the work to the professionals.

Our company’s core team is comprised of IT specialists, who can provide you with the best guidance and effective management of various IT applications – from computer systems, networking, electronic hardware and software applications.

The Podium IT personnel are highly specialised and trained experts, and each one of them has their own area of expertise. This is one reason why we are able to offer you a big selection of IT support services that cover all your IT needs, however big or small it may be.

As your IT support provider, we are proud that we play an important role, in setting up your company wide network and in the hardware installations that are needed at your work stations.  We will provide secure access, to your company data, while monitoring your computer network remotely to make certain that it is functioning well and we will optimise the network up, time and efficiency.

Here are some of the services that our Podium IT team proposes to do at the site:

*  install any hardware components that are required in your operation.

*  install the drivers; these are the software that allows your OS (Operating System) and hardware to work together

*  update your OS requirements, making sure that it is up to the minute and incorporates the latest developments and trends.

*  once we’re finished with the job, we will test the work done, to make certain that it will perform optimally.

Contact us for a fast quote, once you’ve decided that you want to engage our services as an IT support provider.  Call us on 1300 359 926 or visit us at for further information about our full range of services.

We service all Melbourne suburbs.