Businesses big and small use IT support, so that information can be quickly and effectively processed. You and your employees communicate, by using electronic mail and VOIP telephone systems. You transmit data, such as purchase orders and payments, through the electronic data interchange. There is a large amount of data on your servers and you have desktop computers, wireless devices and laptops to process information. 

The question is: What happens when your Information technology fails to function and you do not have a disaster recovery plan in place; to make sure that your business continues to operate. Your organisation may experience a serious loss of data, at a simple power outage. This can affect your finances negatively; because you tend to lose your customers’ confidence, as your company’s is unable to keep a safe and secure information.

Podium IT offers: Melbourne businesses IT support services that includes a disaster recovery plan, among its many other support solutions. This is very important; because it ascertains that whenever a hardware failure strikes, it doesn’t stop your business from operating, and no data is ever lost.

Besides machine failures, there is also the human-induced problem, when even the most careful employee of yours’ makes a mistake, like when they forget a step or enter wrong data. This mistake can be the most difficult to correct and one difficult to prevent from happening.  

Another thing that makes a disaster recovery plan important; is the fact that most customers expect perfection. The internet revolution has not only compelled transparency and accountability to all businesses; it has increased competition as well. This is why many customers have become less forgiving and demand that products and services be flawless. There are other competitors, who are ready to get your business. So, you want to provide the service or there are chances of you losing your projects to competitors.

It is not only difficult to get back your customers that have left your business; because of an outage in your IT service; but it is also excessively expensive, to get it done all over again. It would be cheaper to retain them, than have them re-acquired. It usually takes a lot to gain your customer’s trust and confidence; but when your data gets lost, due to hardware failure or a hacker attack or a cyber-attack, this trust quickly fades away. This is especially true, if the customers are losing a large amount of money, for every minute of downtime.

Every business is prone to IT disasters, but you can do many things to prevent it. In case it happens, the disaster recovery plan, will make your business recover very quickly. This way, you will be able to prevent loss of data, loss of customer confidence, loss of business or loss of finances.

If you require help developing your disaster recovery plan, get in touch with Podium IT. Our experts can help you, with disaster recovery runbook and plan and design your recovery procedure. We can even manage it for you, if you so desire. Contact us for a fast quote or if you want to learn more.

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