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What is Covered in an IT Contract?

An IT contract is an agreement between two parties where one party provides IT support services in exchange for payment by another party. When you enter a contract with IT support, it means that you are outsourcing this service to make sure that the technological elements of your business continue to run smoothly and without any untoward incidents.

There are several salient points that should be included in IT contracts. If you are planning to outsource your IT work, look for these key items:

* Response time and resolution time

* Support tiers

* Outline of Activity

* Exclusions

* Excess charges

* Hours of Operation

* Cost

Looking for an IT support provider that is not only professional, but also friendly? Look no further than Podium IT. We offer our services to small and medium sized organisation’s, specialising in medical IT support. Our services cover all Melbourne suburbs.

As an IT support provider, our IT contracts includes among others, a reliable support for your business’s technological needs, which requires support daily, especially in the medical field. Our staff includes highly skilled professionals, who have been trained to efficiently express the challenging texts in a more understandable language. This allows you to feel at ease, with your network system. 

Additionally, signing IT contracts with us will mean that we will give you all the attention that you and your business needs.

Over the past 5 years, Podium IT has experienced a remarkable popularity in the IT industry, as we cement our reputation in the medical IT support industry. We are always focused on new ideas and technologies to make sure that our brand, our products and our staff prove to be outstanding in the market. You ‘ll will not need to look out for any other service provider.

The team at Podium IT ensure that all your IT operations are functioning efficiently and effectively. Moreover, it is specified in our IT contracts, we commit to find a solution to all problems related to information technology and we ensure we have you covered. We will work to make your system is easy and simple to operate, always available to your staff and most of all secure. Our medical IT solutions are superior, yet simple and we are confident that we can add value to your business.

Among the services we offer you are our medical software upgrade, hardware installation, friendly support, 24/7 management, reporting, competitive pricing and much more. With our complete IT support service, you can devote more time on the other facets of your business.

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