Whether you are managing a healthcare facility or a doctor practicing solo, we understand that you how busy you are in performing your everyday duties and responsibilities in caring for people. Hence, which is why we are offer the industry our medical IT software to support the everyday challenges of running a medical practice. This is about the software programs, operating information and hardware used to support the operations of the business, to streamline the processes needed to run effectively and efficiently.

Podium IT is a specialist in clinical management software. It is a tool that offers better health assistance, in managing your clinic or health care facility, focusing on technical and economic components and patients’ satisfaction. 

Our clinical management software will make it easy for you, to manage your clinic because it has a suite of qualities that serve a purpose well. You can use it, to manage your appointments, the patients, doctors’ schedules, consultations, inventory, prescriptions and so much more. As we see the advancement of internet these days, it is not difficult anymore to do what you need to do, to provide the best services in health care.

Some of the prominent features of our clinical management software include the following:

*  In-patient/Out-patient management

*  Medical billing

*  Claims management

*  Physician management

*  inventory management

*  Appointment scheduling

*  OT scheduling

*  Accounting integration

*  Patients record, and other custom processes

Our software will allow you, to have control and management in terms of administration services, such as medication prescriptions, management of patients’ data and other similar documents. It is also a great tool, in helping your staff and other medical staff evade making common human errors, by just tracking every data point that is required.

Another important part of our clinical management software is that you can integrate better revenue management, with our clinical management solutions. This makes you able to maintain your financial stability, while at the same time serving the needs of patents and general public.

Podium IT can provide you, with a paperless performance. We can digitalise your transactions, medical records, documents in your health care facility or clinic. We eliminate paper work, while giving you an online platform that will connect the general public, with health practitioners, providing authentic and real-time information, about everything that they need.

We have the ability to set up your clinic’s medical IT network, from the former undeveloped site all the way, to the first day that you operate it. Our many years of experience has helped us become experts in the field.

Our clinical management software support services assure that our upgrades won’t affect your daily business and you can trust us to perform the installations right, the first time itself. Also, we offer you a 24/7 management service, as we will be alerted immediately, for any malfunctions in the core processes, regardless of the time of the day or night and provide solution to the problems fast.

If you want to benefit from our offered services, to integrate and coordinate all the essential attributes involved in the operation and management of a health care facility, please contact us for a quote on 1300 859 926 and speak to one of our IT experts.

You can also visit us at www.podiumit.com.au. for additional information.

Our services are available in all Melbourne suburbs.