What Can Affect Network Performance?

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Nowadays, almost everything we use in our daily lives are connected to a Wi-Fi network. These can range from laptops and PCs to kitchen appliances. The increased usage of devices can cause traffic build-up in the network. Have you ever got frustrated with slow network performance? Have you tried to fix it on your own several times, but nothing has helped? Issues with network performance are fairly common and can be brought on by many factors. Here are a just a few:

  1. Bandwidth: The bandwidth is the most crucial factor affecting network performance. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be sent through transmission media like radio waves or cables. In simple words, higher bandwidth means more data can be transmitted, while lower bandwidth means less data.
  2. Number of connected devices: If a greater number of devices or users are using one network, this can affect the performance, since the bandwidth will be divided among them. Most networks have a limit of how many devices can be connected at a time. More devices mean less bandwidth available.
  3. Latency: Latency refers to the time duration it takes for the transmission of data. Networks with low latency will experience delayed transmission, while higher latency means data can be sent faster.
  4. Older devices: Certain older devices have outdated processors, which can slow down internet connection. This can cause poor network. This is why it’s important to update your devices, every few years.
  5. Signal interference: In a single day, many messages are sent to and from wireless networks. This can create some interference in the signals, especially in heavily congested network areas. To avoid this, be mindful of all the devices connected to your wireless network.
  6. Inappropriate access point: Sometimes, technicians end up placing the wireless network connection device in a very bad location. This can create blind spots, where the network is weak. To avoid this, ensure to have the access points placed very strategically.
  7. Environmental problems: Many people are not aware of this, but the environment and surrounding you live in, can affect network speed. Construction materials in your building, such as concrete, metal or brick can disrupt wireless signals.

Most of the above-mentioned problems can be fixed, with the help of a network engineer or other interventions. However, in some cases, you may need to investigate further to pinpoint the exact cause of poor network performance. At Podium IT, our team of software developers and tech experts can help with any network issue, you may face. We have clients in almost every industry and hence know how to optimize different networks accordingly. We can install the highest-quality and fastest wireless networks for your organization. You can trust us with all your IT and networking needs.

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