Tech support for Small Businesses | The right way to do it

If there is one thing that we are good at that would be providing Tech Support for Small Businesses in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. This is how it works, most managed service providers are only interested in providing reactive ad-hoc support. Most of the time this is wrapped into a dodgy SLA to make it look like you are receiving a comprehensive stress free IT department on demand. If this is the case for you then you are however only getting a fraction of the support that you need.
Podium IT is able to strategically align with your business and it requirements. We offer a turnkey solution for all clients and are always actively working towards a final production phase for your business. What does this mean you ask? A final production phase is the end goal for your IT systems, this could be anything from full cloud migration to running in a stream like fashion using pen and paper. The brilliant thing is that the final production phase is up to you! If you are part of our exclusive client network then you will be delivered a final production phase report.

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