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Whatever the size of the pharmacy business you may be currently running, you may benefit from using IT services to enhance your business and patient outcomes, engaging and interacting with patients and producing your business insights.

Podium IT is an IT support solutions provider and we work with pharmacies and other local businesses in various aspects of their business, related to IT. We would like to offer you a solid and scalable IT support that meets your needs today and as your business grows. We are aware that every business has different needs and we are here to give you a comprehensive pharmacy IT support you need.

We have a range of services that takes the load off, with regards to the daily management of your network, security and maintenance. We can help protect your business from having technological issues of any kind. We will streamline your pharmacy IT support so it is practical, neat and works every time.

Our services feature the following:

  • seamless integration, with existing solutions
  • customisable dashboard for reporting and analytics
  • ability to automate manual and time-consuming tasks
  • extensive reconciliation report and medical billing
  • educational resources on clinical care services
  • capabilities on real time inventory management and more

Allow us to put together a perfectly suitable solution for your pharmacy business. Our IT professionals are all experienced to be able to assess your current IT system and offer advice for the purpose of making your business operate at its maximum efficiency and productivity.

Using our pharmacy IT support, these are the areas that you can expect the biggest improvements.

Pharmacy IT Support

1. Profitability
Keeping your pharmacy business healthy is important, so that it can do the same for your patients. Once you use our modern pharmacy IT support, your overhead costs will be reduced, including the unnecessary waste because of expired medications, over supply and inefficient workflows.

2. Adherence
Our Patient Management software will empower you to develop MedSync or medication synchronisation programs to enhance adherence to medicines that have been prescribed.

3. Safety
Patent safety is improved through ePrescribing. Prescription errors will be reduced, as providers are allowed to send prescriptions to the pharmacy.

4. Efficiency
Digital solutions will enable you and the technicians to work more efficiently and able to free up time to spend with patients, one on one.

5. Compliance
Our IT support services streamlines manual tasks related to regulatory compliance requirements with regards to prescribing, dispensing and distributing controlled substances.

Podium IT has the necessary experience across the environment of entire IT and the communications system for the medical industry. We currently work, with a wide range of Australian companies and organisations and provide them with support, both specialist and strategic.

Transform the way you run your pharmacy business and reap the benefits of technology improvements, security, scalability and cost effectiveness that comes with it and provide you with peace of mind. Hire our professional services to manage all your IT needs; we can provide cost effective solutions.

Contact us for a quote today n (03) 8578 3077 or going to our website We will be happy to discuss with you how we can help with your IT needs.

Our services cover all Melbourne suburbs and the Sunshine Coast.

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