Secure Off Site Backup

An operating secure offsite backup solution is a simple technology that will almost certainly save your critical business data in case of an onsite disaster. The way it works is an image copy of your data is stored on a local drive onsite and a copy of that data is also stored offsite in a highly secure data centre. Each day any changes in the data is synced from the onsite copy to the offsite copy over an encrypted internet connection.
If you suffer a complete data loss from a natural disaster to a nasty virus encryption you have the option to restore from your offsite backup.

Why should you use or secure offsite backup solution:

Your data is secured by enterprise security solutions

Have confidence in the restoring ability of your backed up data

Be protected against nasty virus encryptions

24/7 Management

24/7 management of your network is pretty simple, we are altered immediately of any issues!

Secure Offsite Backup

Maintain backup copies of your data at a secure and distant offsite storage facility, far from the fire, flood, tornado or leaky pipe causing havoc at your office.

Managed Services

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method intended to improve operations and cut expenses.

Competitive Pricing

We offer all our clients competitive prices and are transparent with all of your costs.

Friendly Support

t’s one thing to know how to support an It system, it is a completely different thing to do it in a professional and friendly manner.


We can offer you monthly network health reports!

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