IT Managed Services Melbourne?

If you are deciding whether or not to use a fixed cost IT support fee or Managed Services in Melbourne have a read of the following five suggesting before going any further!

You wouldn’t believe the amount of business owners that haven’t considered the thought of using a fixed cost Managed Service Provider for their IT support! The truth is that you would have to be slightly crazy if you couldn’t see the benefits, and what is great is it works both ways.

  1. If you look at it from both ways, it would be within the highest interest of your supplier to have you up and running smoothly. The less downtime for you the less time spent on the phone to us
  2. Depending on your SLA (Service Level Agreement) you have a fixed IT cost for your year, this is of course excluding your hardware costs. I ask you to think about this – if you have all of your expensive equipment in the cloud and don’t pay any extra for onsite support you should be able to get a pretty sweet deal.
  3. Supporting most small businesses isn’t that difficult for most experienced IT companies, after approx. 10 years you have seen most things good and bad. I would base your decision heavily on whether or not you can have a decent conversation with your IT guy.
  4. Ask the IT Company what their point of difference is.
  5. Shop around – competition is fierce and depending on your timing you may even be able to strike a bargain.

Our point of difference is our unique customer experience of IT support. We have spent years perfecting the experience you receive when you pick up the phone and call us. Don’t believe me? Get in contact here or call us now!

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