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Currently, with the world going even more online and digital, don’t let your business lag behind your competitors. Businesses across the country are looking at a reliable IT support company to help them manage and support all the activities required online. And why not? That way more customers visiting you and with the right IT support and services, you have a streamlined, fast and hassle-free service.

We offer various latest technologies like Managed IT support services, Datto Disaster Recovery Plans, Office 365 installation, Hardware Installation and Website Design.

Let’s consider each one, one by one:

Managed IT support services –

IT support is a must in most organisations and if that is interrupted; then it’s turns out to be a big hindrance towards the proper functioning of the business. So having a good IT support service provider besides you, working hand in hand with you when you need it most can provide you with that support. Podium IT offer IT support Along with a wide range of IT services to totally support your business.

Datto Disaster Recovery Plans –

Podium IT has experience in providing IT support to health care providers. We understand the healthcare industry, and what patients needs from a medical practise. So, keeping a record of all their patients’ medical history, financial information, insurance details is of utmost importance to them, and of course comes with legal protection that needs strict adherence, Prime importance is given to keeping all this information confidential too. In these covid times especially, when everything is online, a technical glitch can make or a business. And it’s directly linked to your reputation and the service you provide. Cyber-attacks are quite common these days and you may lose all the confidential details of your patients, within the blink of an eye. Our recovery plan is quite efficient and can recover it for you, in the shortest possible time. So, if you are a healthcare provider operating from around the country, we at Podium IT, can work alongside you as a IT support partner.

Office 365 Installation –

This is the one of the most robust email systems around. If you want to increase the efficiency levels of your employees, having Office 365 installed on all your systems is a great idea, as with the help of Office 365, your employees will get access to all Microsoft applications under one umbrella i.e. Onenote, Outlook, Sway, WORD, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher. So indirectly getting Office 365 installed will increase the productivity of your entire organisation and what can be better than this for your business/office?

Hardware Installation –

If you need hardware installed, you can always ask about our full range of IT services and we’ll be happy to help, however trivial the work may be. For us, no work is too small, we believe in providing first rate services to our clients, irrespective of the size of the work.

We also offer other services like web design – including the medical platforms attached to them. Many of our clients trust our websites and compliments all the IT services we provide.

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