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Are you looking to set up a new healthcare facility? Or you already have an existing medical/dental practice, but you want to make sure that it has the right IT support. One thing you might want to consider is: that your medical or dental practice should have IT support of a company, who can help you keep up with the current technological trends and updates.

Your medical practice should stay relevant with all the changes in advanced technology that keeps evolving and seems to be changing every day. Since you are busy running your medical practice, it is likely that you will need help in everything that concerns IT, for example IT hardware installation and setup.

Furthermore, that fact you are focused on your business, there could be system failures that you may overlook, which can become a bigger issue later. You may discover them ahead of time, but do you have time and the expertise required to fix the issues? This is where you may need help from the experts on all things IT.

Podium IT offers you a full range of IT support solutions that will meet your needs, including maintenance of your network, purchase of IT equipment software and hardware installations, etc. Our services don’t end there, though. There are several benefits that our IT support can provide to your healthcare facility, as follows:

  • Making data processing accurate, unlike the traditional way, which is messy and has a high rate of error. These errors can mean loss of time, records, and proper follow up with clients. Podium IT can help ensure that the information about a patient is valid, accurate and safe.
  • Quality care. Our services give your medical staff more free time to assess and process the information, which provides more quality time to focus on your patients.
  • Privacy and security. It is critical to all healthcare providers like you, as well as your patients. This service also protects your credibility as a medical practitioner and a practise.
  • Data recovery. Losing your medical records and other data often happens during system or power failure. We will keep your system backed up, so that data recovery takes only minimal downtime.

When you need to purchase some IT equipment for your medical practice, such as laptops for your staff, software and hardware, servers, copiers and even telephone equipment, leave that job to us. We have in our team medical IT support experts, who can provide you with information about the best equipment to buy and which brand has the best features. Our purchasing methods are proven to be economical, convenient and safe for you.

With Podium IT, your medical facility business will function smoothly, because all issues will be repaired immediately, and potential errors are easily actioned. Our aim is to avoid downtime or any stoppage to operations. You can do your research and analysis without any hassle; and you can manage patient records, medical billings, check ins and check outs, online appointments, etc., without experiencing technological problems. That’s our plan for your business.

Contact us for a quote, advice, or information on 03 8578 3077. You may also visit us at podiumit.com.au and learn more about our medical IT support solutions. Read our blogs, news, articles from our Podium IT team, for more information.

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