At Podium IT, it is all too common that we get a call of crisis from a medical centre saying ‘help, we can’t access our files. There is an error message saying all our files are encrypted.’ The biggest problem is it’s already too late.


Not unlike a common cold, a computer virus can take hold of any computer at any time. As a IT practitioner, we spend much of our time preparing our networks with sophisticated systems to ensure that a virus doesn’t take hold such as unified threat management which includes email security and online security measures, which can be thought of as much the same as your recommended dose of vitamin C and rest you undertake to prevent a common cold.


However, when a virus does take hold, despite all of these measures, it is suddenly realised the importance of looking back at the processes in place prior to the issue to get the clinic back on its feet as soon as possible.


The concerning thing is many medical centres don’t have a comprehensive process in place or worse, think that they do and don’t. This is the difference between two hours of downtime versus two weeks, not to mention the significant financial stress the lack of processes can put on a business.


We have decided to start sharing with medical centres how your IT support should actually work. We want to put the power back into the hands of the managers of the clinics to ensure that your IT support is delivering what is required in the highly demanding and strictly regulated medical IT industry.


We will using LinkedIn as an outlet to assist you to conduct step-by-step auditing on your IT systems as well as a place to offer handy hints or a listening ear for any IT issues that are getting in the way at your practice.


We welcome your input about issues that you experience at your clinics so please feel free to comment below on things we might be able to assist with. To speak to anyone of our specialised medical IT support practitioners feel free to give us a call at 1300 859 926 or send me a message on LinkedIn and we can touch base.


We are looking forward to speaking soon,

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