How To Set Up The IT Network For Your Medical Clinic?

Medical IT Support

As a manager or owner of a medical clinic, you may have considered IT support for your practice? The everyday challenges of IT issues that you face every day in your practice can be somewhat problematic. Problems may begin when a patient calls to make an appointment for the first time and then you find your system software or hardware is not adequate to deal with the scheduling or other IT issues that arise. Some of the problems you might face include, filling out a patient’s form or people finding it difficult to navigate your website. The problems do not end there but continue up to the time the patient is checked in and checked out of the health facility.

In a medical practice, medical IT support is of utmost importance. It should always be functioning; efficiently, effectively, and with fast speed and yield maximum results, as nobody likes to wait too long these days. If they find that they are not able to connect to you easily, they may be tempting to look elsewhere, not the user experience you want.

If you’re convinced that medical IT support is advantageous to your medical practice then we can help. Podium IT will provide services and support to your medical facilities that works in treating preventive, routine or non-emergency care. We want you to become more successful, efficient, and productive, when operating your medical clinic.

We work with health clinics right across Melbourne suburbs. We are well aware of the technology that you use in the treatment of colds, UTI, strep throat, bug stings, allergic reactions, burns and more. Working with you will not only help us to understand your IT needs, but also to tailor our services, with regards to the front desk, check ins and check outs, exam rooms, consult rooms, private offices of doctors and some other areas of the practice.

Podium IT is not only here to solve your computer problems. We are a team of medical IT support experts, who are proactive in understanding your medical practice. We would like to ensure that your system is secure, communicating with various software and most of all, always up and running.

These are the services that we provide:

  • 24/7 support

We offer fast response and resolution to any issues about your servers, computer and other technical devices.

  • Onsite support

We will schedule or dispatch a team member of our medical IT support on your site, making sure that our services will fit your needs and budget.

  • Proactive support

We will monitor your desktops, servers and the IT system. Our network operations centre will receive alerts, so we can work to resolve the issues, before a problem starts to surface.

  • Quality care

Our services will enable your staff to provide quality care to patients, because the Podium IT team will handle everything about technology.

  • Accuracy

Our medical IT support will allow your team members to successfully input and verify codes, hence fewer medical errors.

  • Reduced cost

We can save you on the cost of telecom and wireless networking products, thus it enables you to save money on your business, if you put these new technologies to work.

So, why wait? Contact us for a fast quote or visit us at, so that you can learn more about our medical IT support services. We will set up your IT network for your health practice in no time.

We service right across all Melbourne suburbs.

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