Do You Need A New Small Business IT Support Provider In Melbourne?

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Is it time for a new IT Support provider for your Melbourne business? Below are 5 huge tips to follow when deciding on a new supplier.

If you are keeping your ear to the ground for a trustworthy IT supplier we suggest you take note of these hard hitting facts. From here you are completely prepared to integrate your new provider!!

  1. Just because they are the in the top 3 in goolge, doesn’t mean they are right for you. We suggest dig at least as far as the third page

  2. The majority of IT Companies aren’t out there to rip you off, however I am sure there is a few. These phrases should raise some red flags if you ever hear them

    • ‘You are going to need to replace your defruuuuglator, they are quite expensive’

    • ‘You need new hardware every two years to stay ahead of the curb’

    • ‘This new server will solve all of your problems’

  3. Ask to call their current clients that they have supported, speak to at least three of them and don’t be afraid the find out a lot about there approach

  4. If your office has less than 10 staff you’re more than likely don’t need the extra speed pack that is accompanied with your new server quote.

  5. Ask about their plan for implementation of your new server, this should give you a good feel about their ability to smoothly migrate your systems and provide ongoing support for you company.

I suggest you start with us at Podium IT we are a trusted IT Support agency with over 7 years of hands on experience and would be more than happy to answer any of your questions. We specialist in server migration and small business IT support and are also always available for same business day onsite support. As a plus we also offer a free IT consult for new inquires.

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