Computer Hardware Installation Services

Computer Hardware Installation

Today, as technology is expanding and evolving, all businesses would like to stay ahead of the competition. But how do you intend to remain on the cutting edge of technology? Therefore, you need IT support from Podium IT, so that you can obtain the full benefit of IT support from installing the right computers and other device to suit your needs.

If you’re having problems with your computer, for instance the computer hardware is defecting or not performing as you accept, we can help. This hardware problem results in the computer’s slow performance, long loading time, blue screen of death and not have the correct set up, amongst other issues. This can be resolved by installing new hardware – such as system memory, hard drive, sound card, video card, ROM drives (CD/DVD/Blue-Ray ROM drives), motherboards and power supplies. Of course, we can help with all the software needs for your business as well.

IT hardware installation does not apply only to old and failing computers. It can also help, even if you have just bought a new unit. It is always exciting, when you can purchase a new device, but you may feel that the manufacturer let you down for not including adequate installation details This is another case, where Podium IT can help in the set up.

IT hardware installation aims to upgrade and enhance your computer’s performance. The process means a team from Podium IT will install, configure and test the hardware on your computer. This process is an ideal way of giving the right tech for your business.

What are included in our computer hardware installation services?

  • Set up, arrange and test your hardware to make sure that it functions fully for your system.
  • Trace and correct faults that may occur in the hardware installation process.
  • Upgrade RAM and hard drives, including speed enhancement.
  • Repair broken screen, keyboards and charging ports.
  • Install graphic cards and memory.
  • Set up all software titles that comes with the hardware.
  • We may also work to recycle your old computer or trade it in for a new device.
  • We also help you in the purchase of a new computer.

The experienced team of Podium IT will provide you with the best service, whether you want to upgrade your entire system or just need a little help for one component of your computer. We will work alongside you to provide you with all your IT technical needs. Additionally, it may help to mention that we have spent years making our IT hardware installation services, as good as we can. Due to this, we can help you find which components work best together, so that you can ensure that all your digital devices have a long life with our help.

Podium IT technical support is something that you will need eventually, as a business. Whether your problem is as simple as losing email access or a major incident of your network going down, our professionals can help on site and also by remote access support.

We can help you keep you at the frontline of all technical advances and in resolving the problems related to IT issues. Contact us for a quote or advice on (03) 8578 3077 or visit us at

We service all Melbourne suburbs.

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