IT Support Melbourne/Sunshine Coast

IT Support Melbourne/Sunshine Coast Podium IT offers complete IT support and services for all businesses located in Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We understand how important working IT solutions are for your business and we will always work with you to develop the right IT environment for your needs. We pride ourselves on […]

How To Remotely Connect To Your Office?

How to Remotely Connect to Your Office? When working from home, it’s crucial that you’re able to connect to offices and gain easy access to files and emails. Failure to do so can lead to unproductivity and communications problems. Podium IT is committed to offering IT support for businesses through several means. If you’re looking […]

Need Help With Current IT Services?

Need Help With Current IT Services? Currently, with the world going even more online and digital, don’t let your business lag behind your competitors. Businesses across the country are looking at a reliable IT support company to help them manage and support all the activities required online. And why not? That way more customers visiting […]

What Can Affect Network Performance?

What Can Affect Network Performance? Nowadays, almost everything we use in our daily lives are connected to a Wi-Fi network. These can range from laptops and PCs to kitchen appliances. The increased usage of devices can cause traffic build-up in the network. Have you ever got frustrated with slow network performance? Have you tried to […]

Looking For Help With Software For Your Medical Practice?

Looking For Help With Software For Your Medical Practice? Are you looking to set up a new healthcare facility? Or you already have an existing medical/dental practice, but you want to make sure that it has the right IT support. One thing you might want to consider is: that your medical or dental practice should […]